Fury Shoals

Fury Shoals

Fury Shoals, deep in southern Egypt. Magnificent reefs which are suitable for all levels of divers. A great experience for divers, snorkelers and families.

Infinity Diving Safari

Fury Shoals is a large reef chain in the south of Egypt. It offers many reefs that promise varied diving. There is a great variety of hard and soft corals, countless schools of colorful fish and also a small wreck of a sailing ship. Big fish encounters are also a regular occurrence. Fury Shoals is also a hotspot for dolphins. The main reef, Sha'ab Sataya, is home to a large school of spinner dolphins. There are opportunities to swim with them in the bay, and snorkel. If you are lucky, the dolphins will come close and are also up for interacting with humans.

Fury Shoals can be done exclusively on our boat Hadeer. Due to the variety of dive sites, this tour is suitable for all levels of divers. It can be adapted to suit divers with little experience and families. Non-divers are also welcome. Many of the reefs also offer excellent snorkeling opportunities.

The starting point for this safari is the port of Hamata.

Sataya Reef is the main reef of Fury Shoals, also known as Sataya Dolphinhouse in the south of Egypt, Marsa Alam. The horseshoe-shaped reef is home to a large school of spinner dolphins. There is the opportunity to snorkel, and swim with the dolphins in their natural environment. They are often playful and come close to the boat.

For divers, Sataya offers easier and more difficult dive sites. On the outer walls, you can dive along the drop-offs up to 40 meters deep and here you also have the chance to see something big swimming in the blue water. With a bit of luck, whale sharks too. In the outlying bays there are easier and shallower dive sites with a great chance of turtles.

Sataya is excellent for snorkelers and night dives.

Diving with the dolphins in the bay is not allowed. The dolphins are free-ranging wild animals that decide for themselves where to swim and how close they want to get.

Abu Galawa Kebir

A large reef in the north of Fury Shoals. It impresses with its magnificent hard and soft coral growth. Massive mountain corals tower high. There is a lagoon to dive in, which is lush with vegetation. Overhangs, caves and small canyons make this site very varied. The average depth is 20 to 25 meters.
A small cargo ship has run aground on a coral block that lies against the reef at 0 to 17 meters. It is very lush and you can dive underneath it. Its location makes it an excellent photo point. There is often a school of batfish nearby.
The sandy bottom between the main reefs is covered all over with small coral blocks alternating with large coral blocks.
From larger sea creatures such as turtles and moray eels to tiny creatures like crabs and snails, Abu Galawa Kebir has it all and is perfect for underwater photography. With a bit of luck, you may also encounter dolphins or whitetip reef sharks.
Night dives are excellent here.

Abu Galawa Soraya, a small round reef about 15 minutes from Abu Galawa Kebir.
The pinnacles are beautifully covered with a myriad of hard and soft corals.
On average, the dive site is at 20 meters with little to no current.
A highlight is a small sunken sailing ship that is very well-preserved. It lies at about 12 meters and is easy to reach. You can look in from the outside in several places and also dive in small groups. The wreck is very well-preserved and nicely overgrown. With luck, you can also find frog fish on the wreck.
Another highlight is the channel through which you can dive surrounded by coral walls. At the exit there are a few coral blocks to explore.
Night dives are very rewarding here.

A small, rugged reef with many canyons and caves to dive through. The average depth is 20 meters, but it is more common to dive less. You dive your way through the canyons amidst massive coral blocks on both sides. Depending on the time of day, there are beautiful light shows along the canyons. Take your time, dive slowly and discover countless sea creatures. Dive under boulders, into easily diveable caves, which are large and always open on one side.

Shaab Claudio
A round reef, with impressive canyons and simple caves. Make a quiet dive, let yourself be inspired by the many light shows. In the southern part there is a small, simple cave system where you cannot get lost. Shaab Claudio averages 20 metres, the caves are not that deep. The entrances and exits are somewhat hidden behind corals at 4 to 8 metres. On the west side there is a beautiful coral garden.
Shaab Claudio is very suitable for night dives and snorkeling.

Shaab Maksur
This is a long, free-standing reef that is very reminiscent of Elphinstone, but a little longer. Depending on weather conditions, there can be stronger currents at this dive site. In the south there is a plateau which drops to 40 metres. In the middle there are two large coral towers. There can be some currents, which make it worthwhile to always have a look into the blue water. To the north, there is also a plateau down to 40 metres before the reef drops steeply down. Here too, the chances of great encounters are great. The steeply sloping east and west sides lead one-way towards the boat to the south plateau.
Due to its exposed position and currents, encounters with Longimanus, reef sharks, with luck hammerheads, dolphins and whale sharks can be frequent.
Shaab Maksur is not suitable for snorkeling or night diving.

Abu Diab
Not far from Fury Shoals, it can be visited on the way there. A roundish reef that offers easy diving conditions. The average depth is 20 metres. Depending on the current, you can do a drift dive with the Zodiac, the coral garden to the west or the small cave system to the south.
Abu Diab is also suitable for night dives. Depending on the conditions, the caves can also be dived during the night dive.

Small Gota Sataya
This 300 m wide reef is 6 km from the main Sataya reef and is appropriately named the Fury Shoals garden. Countless colonies of corals can be found here. You can make several dives here. The conditions are easy, so the Fury Shoals garden is also suitable for all diving levels, including night dives.


Farewell Reef
The two reef blocks are located in the western part of Fury Shoals. The blocks are each about 220 metres long and offer varied diving. There is not much current, or you dive with it. In the channel in the middle of the two blocks you can find all kinds of small things, including red anemones.
The dive site offers relaxed diving and is also suitable for night dives.

Fury Shoals is also suitable for divers with little experience, also for courses.
If not so much time is available, Sataya Overnight or mini safari can also be an excellent option.