Elphinstone, also called Abu Hamra, is probably the most famous dive spot in Egypt, located about 20 km north of the city of Marsa Alam and world-famous for its Oceanic White Tip encounters. The Elphinstone reef is about 300 m long and drops steeply on the west and east side. In the north, a plateau drops up to 40 meters, where at the end you have the chance to meet big fish again and again. Afterwards, you can drift along the eastern or western reef and enjoy the species-rich reef. Countless soft and hard corals and felt millions of colorful flag perches.


Never forget the view into the blue water. Something big can swim past at any time. The south plateau drops from 25 m to 40 m until it disappears into the depth.  On the plateau, you will find many trigger fish, perch and luckily also turtles. Around Elphinstone, there is a good chance to meet the Longimanus near the surface. The Longimanus is very curious about his character and likes to come to the divers. A great guarantee for good shots.

The currents at Elphinstone can sometimes be wild. Therefore, this dive site is not suitable for beginners and the AOWD and 50 logged dives are mandatory.