Sataya Reef

Sataya Reef is the main reef of the Fury Shoals, also known as Sataya Dolphinhouse in the south of Egypt, Marsa Alam. The horseshoe shaped reef is home to a large school of spinner dolphins. It is possible to snorkel and swim with the dolphins in their natural environment. They are often playful and come close to the boat. Diving is not allowed in the bay itself.

For divers Sataya offers easier and more difficult dive sites. On the outer walls you can dive along the drop-offs to a depth of 40 meters and even here you have the chance to see something big swimming in the blue water. With a bit of luck also whale sharks. In the outer bays there are easier and shallower dive sites with a great chance for turtles.

Sataya is ideal for an overnight safari or a day trip for the whole family.