When you book, let us know what dive training you have and how many dives. Also, if you would like to do a diving course. If you have any special wishes, please let us know as soon as possible.
At the latest 2 weeks before the safari we need your flight details or the name of the hotel if you are already in Egypt before the safari.
Let us know what equipment and size you need.
Also, a copy of your passport. We need this for your diving permit.

Send us all information by e-mail to info@infintiydivingsafari.com


Your logbook
A copy of your passport
Your brevet
If applicable, a medical certificate of fitness to dive

You will receive all other forms on the first evening.

You will be met at the airport after the exit with an Infinity Diving Safari sign. If several flights arrive together within a short time, there will be short waiting times.
We will then take you comfortably by bus to the harbour and to the boat where you can arrive and get settled.
In the evening there will be a first briefing about the tour and the formalities will be taken care of. The first night we spend in the harbour on the boat.
On Sunday morning, after the last formalities with the coastguard are done, we will leave for the check-dive. On this day we make 2 or 3 dives.
Monday to Thursday we make 3 to 4 dives per day, depending on the route. Please note that night dives are not allowed in the National Parks.
On Friday, we make 2 more dives until the boat returns to the harbour in the early afternoon. The Friday afternoon is at free leisure.
The last night we spend again in the harbour on the boat until Saturday when the individual continuation of the journey begins.

Check-in is usually possible on Saturday from 16.00 hrs. If your flight arrives in the morning, it is also possible to spend the time on the boat, but outside the cabin.

Check-out is on Saturday after breakfast. It is possible to stay longer on the boat, but outside the cabin, depending on the flight.

Please note that on Saturday the crew will unload the boat, clean it and get it ready for the new safari.


Depending on the safari tour and boat, nitrox is included or at extra cost. The average nitrox level in the bottles is between 26 and 30%.

Depending on the itinerary this is possible. There are many reefs, especially in the south in Fury Shoals and St. Johns, which are also suitable for snorkelers. Please contact us to see what is possible.

The Brothers Island, Daedalus, Elphinstone Tour is not suitable for snorkelers.

Depending on the course of the itinerary, it is possible that the tour can be adapted to your needs. Please contact us to see what is possible. We will gladly advise you.

On request, a private guide can be booked at extra cost.

There is no alcohol on the boat as standard. We can help with the organisation of alcoholic drinks upon request.

If you want to arrive, settle in and just dive, then a liveaboard is for you. No carrying around of equipment, no long bus trips to dive sites. Anchor, get dressed, get into the water. You will experience many different dive sites in one week.

The north tour is known for its wrecks. Abu Nuhas, Dunraven or Thistlegrom are a small selection. The wrecks are often combined with Ras Mohammed and other northern reefs. Dives are also possible at the Tiran Island.

The Brothers Island, Daedalus and Elphinstone tour takes you to the *sharklights*. On this tour the chance of meeting sharks is particularly high. The islands are partly very remote and in the open sea. Depending on conditions there are drift dives.

The tour to the deep south takes you to Rocky Island and Zabargad. Rocky can sometimes be wild and shark encounters are also possible, Zabargad radiates the charm of a Caribbean island. On the way north you will pass the reefs of St. Johns and Fury Shoals.

St. Johns and Fury Shoals are great regions with all kinds of dive sites. From calm and perfect for photography, to drift dives and big fish encounters.

On a full charter the route can be tailored to suit individual needs and wishes.

Dive computer
Neoprene, adapted to the season
Weight belt
Mask, Snorkel & Fins
Spare parts

Diving is done with 12 liter aluminium bottles. A 15 liter bottle can be rented by appointment.

Yes, all equipment can be rented. We need to know at least two weeks before the dive safari what you need and in what size. The prices are shown on a separate sheet.

It's up to you to decide which dives you want to do. The important thing is that you feel good and able to do the dive.

Overnight & Mini safari

On an Overnight Safari you spend one night on the boat in Sataya. The trip starts in the morning and ends the next day in the late afternoon.

On a Mini Safari you spend 2 to 3 nights on the boat in the Fury Shoals area.

More information can be found here.

No, no alcohol is offered on board.


The prices depend on various factors. Which tour would you like to do? Full charter or group? Number of divers or snorkelers and families? Special wishes/preferences? Which boat at which season?

Due to official orders, weather and other influences, it is possible that the itinerary may have to be adjusted or changed. The final decision is always made by the captain, the dive guides and Infinity Diving Safari.

In principle, Egypt can be visited all year round. The best time for liveaboard trips is from April to November.
The Egyptian winter can be a bit chilly with the wind, even for tourists, and a minimum of 5 mm wetsuit is recommended.
In spring and autumn the temperatures are warm and very pleasant. A cool wind can blow, so a warm jumper can be convenient after diving.
In summer, the temperatures are very hot.

The water temperatures are average
In spring and autumn at 27 degrees
In summer at 30 degrees
In winter at 24 degrees

At the moment there is a restriction that the safari boats are only allowed to anchor at Brothers Island for one day. We do a total of three dives there. Two at Big Brother Island and one at Small Bother, or the other way around.

Something of the most important is sun protection. The sun is very strong in Egypt, protect your skin!
Depending on the season, pack something warm to wear. In spring and autumn the wind can sometimes be a bit cool.
Bring your own travel first-aid kit with the most important things you need. If you are sensitive, pack something for seasickness. Please make sure that it does not make you tired and interfere with your diving.

Airport transfer:

Hurghada to Hurghada Marina approx. 15 min.
Hurghada to Port Ghalib approx. 3 hours
Marsa Alam to Port Ghalib approx. 10 min

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