PCR test for the return journey from Egypt

The PCR test was done at the new centre in Safaga. The waiting time was very short. First, the passport and visa are checked. The price is calculated according to the length of stay. For tourists, the price is 30 euros, which can be paid in euros, dollars or Egyptian pounds.
A copy of the passport and the visa page is required. If you have the opportunity, you should make these copies at the hotel. Otherwise, they can also be made on site, which takes a little time.
Afterwards, the receipt is issued and the labels are printed out. One is also stuck on the receipt. Finally, the nasopharyngeal swab is taken and everything is ready. Be sure to keep the receipt. You can use it to collect the test result after 24 hours. However, you do not have to do this yourself, anyone with the receipt is entitled to collect the test result.
If you take the test in Hurghada, you have to expect waiting times depending on the number of people, or you can use the service in the hotel.

As of 8.4.21, Safaga test centre.