Brothers Island, Daedalus and Elphinstone liveaboard diffrently

Brothers Island, Daedalus and Elphinstone liveaboard differently

Liveaboard from 19.10. to 26.10.19

Excellent and unusually calm conditions, a great boat, a super fun group. With the biggest reward ever, a small school of hammerhead sharks in Daedalus.

Infinity Diving Safari

Why ask yourselves differently? Well, actually the BDE Tour is known for its often rough and difficult conditions. But this time there was almost no wind, almost no waves and very little current. And still, we were rewarded with hammerhead sharks in Daedalus.

On 20.10.19 we started the week on the beautiful Almonda from Port Ghalib, with a mixed group from Germany, France, Belgium and Switzerland. After a comfortable immersion in Marsa Shona and Gota Abu Dabab, we headed for Daedalus overnight under best and calm conditions. The first early rising was on the schedule, but with a chance to see hammerhead sharks, everyone got out of bed. Unfortunately, luck was not on our side that morning. According to the motto never fight against the current, we let us drift along the east and west side, unfortunately without hammerhead sharks.

Our big hope was for the next morning. There were only very few ships anchored at Daedalus. We were pleased about the little traffic underwater. Full of expectations and again in the calmest conditions we went with the Zodiac to the north plateau, east side. All ready, reverse roll, negative entry. Again almost no current underwater, which didn’t leave us much hope. All let their eyes wander into the dark blue. Suddenly excitement, there they were! A group of hammerhead sharks, which peacefully made their rounds and sometimes came very close to explore the situation. We were all absolutely fascinated, for many it was their first encounter with hammerheads.

After a few minutes, it was time to say goodbye and slowly ascend a little and let the dive along the east reef fade away. Of course, everybody was thrilled and the hammerheads were the top topic of the day on the boat. During the night the journey continued to Brothers Island. Again without waves and wind. We could enjoy the crossing to the fullest.

At Brothers Island, there were also only very few boats at anchor. Together with very calm conditions under and above water, the “wild brothers” were for once very gentle. On the surface a Longimanus visited us and also a turtle slept peacefully in a small cave.

At Little Brother, we were accompanied by dozens of flute fish, which chose us divers for a small part of the way as a buddy. As there are still restrictions at Brothers Island, our way led us to Elphinstone during the night. The probably most famous reef in Egypt and also known in the world. Elphinstone has remained true to its reputation and here we had 2 drift dives.

Probably the most famous reef in Egypt and also known in the world. Elphinstone has remained true to its reputation and here we had 2 drift dives.

We finished the week in Abu Saile and in Marsa Shona.

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