Brothers Island, Daedalus & Elphinstone

Brothers Island, Daedalus & Elphinstone

The shy thresher shark, the calmly circling hammerhead sharks or the curious Longimanus. Enjoy the highlights of the Red Sea!

Infinity Diving Safari

On this tour, the chance of meeting big fish is particularly high. The shy thresher shark, the calmly circling hammerhead sharks or the curious Longimanus close to the water surface.

At the beginning and at the end of the safari other dive sites are visited, such as Abu Dabab, Marsa Shouna, Abu Sail, Shaab Marsa Alam etc.

On the first dive day we do a check dive plus 1 or 2 more dives, depending on the route. The long crossings are made during the night so that we can be in the water in time for the early morning dive.

Brothers Island:
The two brothers are far out in the open sea and due to their exposed location they are sometimes quite wild. Already from a distance one sees the lighthouse which is inhabited by the Egyptian military. Depending on the time, you have the possibility to visit the lighthouse.

Big Brother Island offers very varied diving. In the north the Numidia rests on the reef, starting from 10 meters deep. Under good conditions it is excellent to inspect from the outside. Afterwards, you can drift past the west or east side of the island and enjoy the reef. The south plateau is more protected and less exposed to currents.

The Little Brother Island is not inferior to the big one, except that he has no wreck. The reef is also very lively here and fantastic drift dives can be made. Here there are many flute fish, which also always look for a human as a buddy for a while. Due to the current regulations it is currently only allowed to anchor for one day at Brothers Island.

Due to current regulations, it is currently only permitted to anchor at Brothers Island for one day.

Daedalus: You can also spot this island from far away by its big lighthouse, which shows the way and simultaneously warns of the danger.
The dives at Daedalus are beautiful and varied. One can have calm conditions, but also forceful currents, that one sees the reef only passing by. Usually, you let yourself drift from the north along the west or east side. At the northern tip you have a superb chance to meet hammerhead sharks.


Elphinstone: The world-famous reef just below the surface is a hotspot for big fish fans. In the north the plateau drops to 40 meters. At the top of the plateau there are always exciting encounters. You never know what will appear out of the blue. Sometimes there can be strong currents, with which you can dive along the east and west wall and enjoy the underwater life. Elphinstone is considered the home of the Longimanus.


At these dive sites there can always be a strong current. Therefore, 50 dives with AOWD are mandatory. The maximum diving depth is 40 meters. Deco dives are not allowed. One buoy per buddy team is mandatory.
Night dives are not allowed in marine parks.

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