4.11. to 11.11.23 Daedalus & Fury Shoals

  • Itinerary

    Daedalus & Fury Shoals

  • Harbour

    Marsa Alam

  • Boat

    Amber 1

  • Price

    1100 Euro

  • Requirements

    50 logged dives
    1 buoy per buddy team
    No night dives allowed in marine park.



On this tour, the chance of meeting big fish is particularly high. The shy thresher shark, the calmly circling hammerhead sharks or the curious Longimanus close to the water surface.

At the beginning and at the end of the safari other dive sites are visited, such as Abu Dabab, Marsa Shouna, Abu Sail, Shaab Marsa Alam etc.

On the first dive day we do a check dive plus 1 or 2 more dives, depending on the route. The long crossings are made during the night so that we can be in the water in time for the early morning dive.

Daedalus: Auch diese Insel erkennt man schon von Weitem an seinem grossen Leuchtturm, der den Weg weist und gleichzeitig vor der Gefahr warnt.
Die Tauchgänge an Daedalus sind wunderschön und abwechslungsreich. Man kann ruhige Bedingungen haben, aber auch sehr starke Strömungen, dass man das Riff nur an sich vorbeiziehen sieht. In der Regel lässt man sich von Norden entlang den West oder Ost Seite entlang treiben.

An der Nordspitze hat man eine besonders grosse Chance, auf Hammerhaie zu treffen.


Fury Shoals

Sataya Reef is the main reef of Fury Shoals, also known as Sataya Dolphinhouse in the south of Egypt, Marsa Alam. The horseshoe-shaped reef is home to a large school of spinner dolphins. There is the opportunity to snorkel, and swim with the dolphins in their natural environment. They are often playful and come close to the boat.
For divers, Sataya offers easier and more difficult dive sites. On the outer walls, you can dive along the drop-offs up to 40 meters deep and here you also have the chance to see something big swimming in the blue water.
Shaab Claudio, a round reef, with impressive canyons and simple caves. Make a quiet dive, let yourself be inspired by the many light shows. In the southern part there is a small, simple cave system where you cannot get lost. Shaab Claudio averages 20 metres, the caves are not that deep. The entrances and exits are somewhat hidden behind corals at 4 to 8 metres. On the west side there is a beautiful coral garden.
Shaab Maksur, is a long, free-standing reef that is very reminiscent of Elphinstone, but a little longer. Depending on weather conditions, there can be stronger currents at this dive site. In the south there is a plateau which drops to 40 metres. In the middle there are two large coral towers. There can be some currents, which make it worthwhile to always have a look into the blue water. To the north, there is also a plateau down to 40 metres before the reef drops steeply down. Here too, the chances of great encounters are great. The steeply sloping east and west sides lead one-way towards the boat to the south plateau.


Due to weather conditions or government regulations, Infinity Diving Safari reserves the right to change the itinerary.