Current procedure entry into Egypt

Current procedure entry into Egypt

Depending on the airline, a mask is required on board and you are asked not to stay in groups, for example when queuing for the toilet. The on-board service can be reduced and there is no in-flight shopping.

On the plane, in addition to the normal entry form for passport control, you will also receive a form for health information.

Please read them carefully and fill them out truthfully. Above all, the place of stay is significant and must be filled in very precisely. It must be clearly visible whether it is a hotel, flat, house, safari boat etc. and where it is located. This is checked carefully when leaving the aircraft.

At the moment, one passenger is allowed to leave the aircraft every 5 seconds.

At the end of the aisle you walk past a camera that measures your body temperature. A visa is not necessary at the moment, you can go straight to passport control and get the entry stamp as usual. No visa is expected to be required by the end of September.

The luggage is disinfected when it comes to the luggage belt. It smells of chlorine for a little while, but is not soaked, just a little damp.
Then you leave the airport building on the usual path.

Important: a mask must be worn continuously and at all times at and in the airport.

Status July 2020

For the entry to Egypt a negative COVID-19 test must be presented, which is not older than 72h before the flight.
If this is not possible, an optional test can be taken at Hurghada airport

Status September 2020