Brothers Island

Brothers Island, the two wild brothers, also called El Akhawein. They are located about 60 km west of El Quseir and can only be reached on a diving safari.

The mighty lighthouse of Brothers Island is its landmark and you can see it from far away. Depending on the occupation of the lighthouse, you can also visit it. The brothers are approximately 1 km apart, but are in no way inferior.

In the north of the Big Brother lies the wreck Numidia, which is beautifully overgrown with corals. The bow is about 15 meters deep and so easily accessible for recreational divers. There is a lot to discover. In the north there is also the chance to meet sharks. Reef sharks, Longimanus and sometimes also hammerhead sharks.

Afterwards, you can drift along the east or west side and enjoy the great reefs.

You can’t get enough of the countless corals and fish. But never forget the view into the blue water, there is always something big swimming by.  On the west side lies the wreck of the Aida, starting at about 30 meters. In the south, it has a plateau which drops to 40 meters.

The little brother is in no way inferior to the big one, except that he has no wrecks. He accommodates many flute fish, which playfully choose again and again a diver as a buddy and accompany for a while, without him noticing it.

The brothers can sometimes be very wild and have a strong current. Therefore, the dive sites are not suitable for beginners and an AOWD and 50 logged dives are required. Night dives are not allowed as it is a marine park.

At the moment anchoring at Brothers Island is limited to one day. You reach the islands in the early morning and do 2 dives at Big Brother and one at Small Brother, or the other way round. In the late afternoon you leave again and continue to the next dive site.