Daedalus, also called Abu Kizan, is about 80km away from Marsa Alam. The reef almost reaches the surface and can be seen from far away due to its lighthouse. It is about 1 kilometre long and 300 metres wide. The walls of the reef drop steeply on all sides.  Due to the exposed location in the open sea, there are strong currents at Daedalus Reef, which usually run from north to south. These currents make it possible to dive at a fast pace, while you can let the impressive, splendidly overgrown reef slopes pass you by.

The lighthouse was built in 1863 and is the landmark of Daedalus. One can visit it, from the south a footbridge leads to the building. From the top you have an all-round view over the reef.

Due to its secluded location, Daedalus can only be reached by safari boat, which anchors in the southern part of the island. In the north you have the biggest chance to meet hammerhead sharks and fox sharks, which do their rounds peacefully. Afterwards, the dive leads along the east or west side. Past countless well preserved hard and soft corals and colourful schools of fish, with very good visibility. In the blue water, there are big fish encounters with Ocanic White Tips, reef sharks, tunas, mackerels, manta rays and with luck a whale shark. The west side is home to a big anemone city, which makes every heart beat faster.

On the south plateau you have a great chance to see turtles. Again and again a Longimanus turns his exploration rounds around the safari boat.

Normally we make 3 dives, because Daedalus is a national park and no night dives are allowed.

Since there are often strong currents, Daedalus is not suitable for beginners. Prerequisite is AOWD and 50 logged dives.