Deep south from 20.4 to 27.4.19

Deep South from 20.4 to 27.4.19

Easter in a different way. A journey to the very south, to the wild Rocky Island and the paradise island of Zabargad. Various dive sites in St. Johns made the photographers' hearts beat faster.

Infinity Diving Safari

Our trip started in Port Ghalib where we all enjoyed the first evening together. Also, a visit to the town was not missed out.
After all the formalities had been completed, we finally went to the Check dive in Abu Dabab. After the second dive in Shaab Marsa Alam the long trip to Rocky Island in the south started.

Early in the morning we anchored at Rocky Island. The sea was very agitated and the waves were visible. With the Zodiac we went out with a negative entry. The current was forceful even under water a bit away from the reef, and we had to fight for the first corner of the reef. We were rewarded an untouched underwater world in 2 dives. Afterwards,
we took a very short trip to the island of Zabargad. Already from the distance we could see the Caribbean touch. Our anticipation was not disappointed under water with a very calm and comfortable dive.


Then it was time to say goodbye. Because of the strong wind the waves were accordingly wild. The most pleasant place was in the salon, where we mostly sat, looked at fish identification books and played cards. The captain had a lot of fun overtaking another safari boat.
Heading to St. Johns we were accompanied by dolphins for a while.
Around the St. Johns reefs we visited a spot for almost every dive because the distances are short. One of them was Umm Kaharim, the mother of the caves. We were all absolutely thrilled by the breathtaking reef with caves, canyons and tunnels.


On the way north we passed the beautiful reefs of Fury Shoals.
We dived along the steep face of Sataya Dolphin House Reef in the early morning hours and then snorkelled with dolphins in the bay.
On the way back to Port Ghalib we visited dive sites like Abu Galawa Soghayr, Gota Seal and Shaab Marsa.
We had great guests. Lots of fun, lots of laughter, many interesting conversations and of course great dives. Thank you all, you made this trip unforgettable for us.
The crew of the Sea King Marco has supported us in everything and has conjured us a super delicious BBQ. Thank you very much for a great service. 

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