19.12. to 26.12.20 Fury Shoals

  • Itinerary

    Fury Shoals

  • Start

    19.12. Hamata

  • End

    26.12. Hamata

  • Boat

  • Price

    Full charter, on request

  • Requirements

    Also suitable for beginners and snorkelers

Fury Shoals 19.12. to 26.12.20


Fury Shoals is a large reef area in the south of Egypt. It offers many reefs, which guarantee a varied diving. There is a great variety of hard and soft corals, countless colourful shoals of fish and also a small wreck of a sailing ship. There are also big fish encounters. Fury Shoals is above all a hotspot for dolphins. The main reef, Sha'ab Sataya, is home to a large school of spinner dolphins. You can swim with them in the bay and snorkel. With luck, the dolphins get close and are also keen on interacting with humans.

Fury Shoals can be made exclusively on our boat Hadeer. Due to the variety of dive sites this tour is suitable for all levels of divers. It can be adapted to divers with little experience and families. Non-divers are also welcome. Many of the reefs also offer excellent snorkeling opportunities.




Sataya Reef is the main reef of the Fury Shoals, also known as Sataya Dolphinhouse in the south of Egypt, Marsa Alam. The horseshoe shaped reef is home to a large school of spinner dolphins. It is possible to snorkel and swim with the dolphins in their natural environment. They are often playful and come close to the boat.

For divers Sataya offers easier and more difficult dive sites. On the outer walls you can dive along the drop-offs to a depth of 40 meters and you also have the chance to see something big swimming in the blue water. With a bit of luck also whale sharks. In the outer bays there are easier and shallower dive sites with a great chance for turtles.

Diving with the dolphins in the bay is not allowed. The dolphins are free living wild animals, which decide where they want to swim and how close they want to get.

Malahy is a big reef full of life. The average depth is 15 m. Characteristic for this area is the formation of colourful corals, which makes for beautiful and unforgettable diving. This is a perfect place for fans of underwater photography. While diving, you can find many kinds of sea animals and shoals of fish.

The west side of the reef Sha'ab Claudio offers a wealth of beautiful hard coral formations. On the sheltered south side of the reef, corals are less numerous, but there is an abundance of small marine life, making it a good place for macrophotography. In the middle of the system there are spacious caves and canyons. Many of them are open to the top, creating spectacular light effects in the systems.

Abu Galawa is an easy to dive reef system with various possibilities. Very colourful reef walls and small reef towers in the sand, which you can explore. It is great for macrophotography, there is a lot to discover. A highlight is the sailing ship which sank in 1980, which is still very well-preserved and is perfect for photos.

Due to weather conditions or government regulations, Infinity Diving Safari reserves the right to change the itinerary.