Liveaboard from 22.10. to 29.10.20 in the North and Brothers Island

Liveaboard from 22.10. to 29.10.20 in the North and Brothers Island

Our small, contemplative group was very happy that despite all the corona problems the liveaboard could be carried out. For 2 in the group it was the first dives in the sea ever, otherwise they are always on the way in the Swiss lakes. They were very curious to see how it is to see further than 2 to 3 meters.

We started our adventure in Abu Ramada and Small Giftun, where we could dive in comfortably. Then we went on to Brothers Island with a very calm crossing at night. In the morning we were already greeted by the lighthouse and everybody was curious if we would meet sharks on the first dive. "Unfortunately" we only met the Numidia and the Aida from a distance. But already on the 2nd dive we were accompanied by 2 Oceanic White Tip on our descent. Brothers Island is always impressive with its steep walls, overgrown with colorful hard and soft corals. Again and again we were accompanied by Napoleons, who curiously looked at us in the south plateau.

During our first dive at Little Brothers Island we suddenly got excited. A hammerhead shark moved along the reef and you could see the joy of all, even underwater. This was of course the number one topic of conversation afterwards back on the boat.

We were lucky to have a shark encounter on almost every dive at Brothers Island. The conditions above water were always calm to moderate, underwater there was always some current.

In the evening everybody was always dead tired and already after dinner it became very calm on the boat, after all you have to get up early again.

Then it was time to leave the Brothers again and go back to the north.

We finished the tour with 2 last dives in Erg Somaya and Abu Ramada Island.

We would like to thank our guide Fared, who always helped us with words and deeds. Also our 2 "sea-divers" were enthusiastic and are curious if they can still dive in Switzerland 😉

The crew of the Dolphin, who took excellent care of the guests 24 hours a day under all circumstances of the current COVID pandemic.

We thank you for a great week and hope to see you all back in Egypt soon.




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