Malahi, Fury Shoals

A jagged reef, about 200 metres long. Consisting of a larger reef block and coral towers, some of which rise bizarrely into the air. This creates many passages, crevices, canyons and caves. Find your way between huge hard and soft corals, schools of fish and always keep an eye out for all the tiny creatures.

You don't dive very deep here, rarely more than 20 metres, but mostly shallower. If the sun is not too low, the sun's rays create impressive light shows.
Malahi offers several ways to dive, the current passes the reef on the outside and the inside of the reef is calm and protected.
You can't get lost despite the many passages, as the outside of the reef is always in sight, likewise the water surface is always easily accessible.

Malahi is suitable for all levels of divers and offers great diving.