Small Giftun

The island is about 70 minutes from Hurghada and is home to a small police station.

Small Giftun offers a wide variety of diving opportunities. From the end of the island you can do an excellent drift dive along the wall. At a depth of about 40 metres there is a small cave which can be dived. On early morning dives, if you are lucky, you may see sharks passing by.

After a while you come to a sandy plateau where you can finish the dive.


Several dives are possible on the plateau level. The underwater world at Small Giftun is very diverse and also lends itself to night and early morning dives. The walls are covered with hard and soft corals and large gorgonians. The gorgonians are home to longnose hook fish, which wait there for their prey.

In the sand you will find countless blue spotted stingrays and crocodile fish. On the coral walls there are scorpion fish, stone fish, lion fish, lots of banner fish and countless other reef inhabitants. With luck, dolphins may also pass by.

Small Giftun offers dive sites for all levels. Currents can occur.

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