One of the most famous wrecks in the Red Sea and incredibly beautiful to dive. The Thistlegorm was bombed by a German Bombardier in October 1941 and sank within a few minutes.

The ship had loaded locomotives, railway wagons, motorcycles, small armoured infantry fighting vehicles, trucks, wings and lots of military equipment such as grenades and rifles.

The deepest point is about 30 meters. Especially the front part is very well-preserved and the 2 holds can be easily dived through the open hatches. In a longer tour one dives through the holds and can see the still well-preserved cargo. Nothing should be touched because of the risk of injury. And of course, no souvenirs will be taken along!

On the way through the holds, you can see many nudibranchs and small schools of fish.

The outside is beautifully overgrown and interesting to dive. Here you can find many scorpion fish, countless schools of fish and corals. Most of the time there is also a big swarm of bats fish at the wreck.

An absolute highlight is the night dive, where you can dive the outside of the Thistlegorm in the dark.


Although the wreck is easy to dive, there can sometimes be a strong current, which makes it necessary to make the ascent and descent on the anchor line.

The Thistlegorm is an absolute highlight in the northern Red Sea.