Wrecks in the North and Ras Mohammed

Northern wrecks and Ras Mohammed

Some call it looking at old iron. We call it exploring the most beautiful wrecks in the Red Sea. Experience wonderful plays of light, dive through shoals of fish and wrecks wonderfully covered with corals.

Infinity Diving Safari

This tour is ideal for divers who like it a bit calmer. The trips are usually much shorter and the sea less rough. Various wrecks are visited and the Ras Mohammed National Park. Nearby reefs such as Ras Abu Soma, Ras Abu Ramada, Umm Gomma or Small Giftun are also visited. Due to the shorter distances, several different reefs are visited in one day. Except on the first and last day we do 4 dives per day. An absolute highlight of this tour is when the Thistlegorm is approached, to make a night dive there and view the wreck from the outside in the dark.
With a bit of luck there is also the chance to see dolphins.


Abu Nuhas, a treacherous reef, which ends just below the water surface and has caused many ships to crash into it. There are 4 shipwrecks, which are well-preserved and can be dived from the outside and partly also from the inside. Because of the exposed position, there can always be currents.
The Carnatic was a sailing and steamship on the route between Suez and India. It hit Abu Nuhas on September 12, 1969 and sank the next day. Now it lies at a maximum depth of 27 meters on its port side. Due to the long time under water it is now completely covered with hard and soft corals. This unique wreck offers easy access and you can still find broken wine bottles in the bow area.
The Giannis D ran aground on the reef in 1983. Today the wreck lies on its port side at a maximum depth of 26 meters. During the sinking, the ship broke in two halves, so that only the stern with engine room, steering and other crew rooms and the bow with anchor winch and a mast remained intact. When diving the Giannis D you often find moray eels, lion fish, blue spotted stingrays, glass fish and with a little luck dolphins.
The Chrisoula K. also known as Tiles Wreck. The 98-meter-long ship ran aground on 31 August 1981 on Shaab Abu Nuhas and is now sitting upright at a depth between 25 meters (stern) and 1 meter (bow). Because of its depth and the lack of current, the wreck is suitable for all divers. It also offers easy access where you will see many floor tiles Made in Italy.
The Kimon M. ran aground at Shaab Abu Nuhas in 1978. 4,500 tons of lentils were the only cargo of the 106-meter-long ship. Today the wreck lies on the starboard side at a depth of between 12 and 30 meters. Due to the current and the rise, only the stern is in good condition and due to the instability of the wreck, no penetration should take place. Highlights are the propeller at 30 meters depth, the glass fish in the stern and a school of batfish which pass by regularly.

The Thistlegorm was sunk at anchor by the German bomber Henkel 111 on 6 October 1941. It is now resting upright at a maximum depth of 30 metres, making it an easily accessible wreck. The large amount of schooling fish and the cargo of motorcycles, lorries, guns, ammunition and much more makes it not only an underwater museum, but also one of the best wreck dives in the world, which every diver should have done in his life. It is also possible to make a night dive on the outside.

The Ras Mohammed National Park with its incomparable coral reefs. Depending on the current two dive sites can be made in one dive.
We will spend some time there around dive sites like Nemo City, Jackfish Alley, Shark and Yolande Reef.
Depending on the spot you have a great opportunity to see sharks, napoleons, crocodile fish, scorpion fish and of course countless colourful coral blocks with hundreds of colourful fish.

The north is generally calmer, depending on the dive site there can be currents. 30 logged dives with AOWD are recommended. The dives are made either directly from the boat or from the Zodiac. The maximum diving depth is 40 meters. Deco dives are not allowed.

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