Zerib Kebir

Zerib Kebir
A bay with a north and south wall to dive. On the way north you come across a sandbank where you can find small sea moths (Pegasus) and Red Sea Walkman. Along the north reef you will be guided to large coral blocks and a beautiful coral garden.
The southern reef is captivating with its canyons, tunnels and small caves, alternating with a coral garden.
Enjoy the stunning play of light through the rugged reef.
Zerib Kebir is suitable for all levels of divers, in case of current a rope helps with entry and exit. There is a lot of marine life to find as scorpion fish, octopus, pufferfish, nudibranches, clownfish and plenty of hard & softcorals. With luck, a turtle or dolphins are crossing by.
Only 5 minutes away from our dive centre, a cosy place with sanitary facilities and beach bar.
🧬..... and into the ocean we go to lose our mind and find our soul 🤿
😃 Meet us in our diving Center in Onatti Beach Resort in El Quseir 😃